Nature Friday: Weather vs. Climate

February 17, 2023, 8:00 am

Environmental Education Centre

What is the difference between weather and climate? Learn this and much more as we conduct a raincloud in a jar experiment and take some real meteorological measurements. Dress for the weather today as we'll be heading outside!

Theme: Weather vs. Climate

Here's what we've going on this week:

ALL DAYCraft: Colouring pages
10 AM Experiment Time! We'll make a rain cloud in a jar to learn what happens to the clouds when they are too full of water! Watch as this fun experiment demonstrates a rain cloud in action.
11 AM - noonAre you a dayhome or home schooling your kiddos? Come by to connect with other members of the community during this social hour while taking in free, fun learning activities. 
1 PM

Explore: Let’s get outside and measure the different aspects that make up todays weather: temperature, wind speed and direction, the amounts of rain and snow, and the amount of cloud cover.

2:30 PMWatch & Wonder: Video - Join Canada Crew's Bebe and Mo as they learn about Canada's four seasons and speak to a climatologist!

Please note: parents must stay with their children while they are in the education centre.

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