Okotoks Hot Chocolate Festival

February 7, 2024, 8:00 am

All of Okotoks Okotoks

Organized by K-T Events

2024 Event Dates:
Feb 7-17

Warm your heart and tummy with a number of delicious and unique Hot Chocolates that are popping up around Okotoks. Each February K-T Events is encouraging businesses to compete to make the very best Hot Chocolate in town...and we need you to do the hard part...TRYING THEM ALL!!

Over the 10 days of the festival visit any of the participating businesses to try their limited-time creation and tell us what you think!

As an added feel-good treat, many of the businesses are supporting local charities and not-for-profits by donating a portion of their Hot Chocolate sales. That makes the calories not count...right?

Rate each Hot Chocolate as you try them on our interactive map! The map also gives hot chocolate info, prices, and business hours.