Spring Into Summer Feat. BuskersFest

June 22, 2024, 11:00 am

Musicians, actors, magicians, jugglers, street performers, dancers, b-boys, singers & entertainers of all ages and acts will spread out on McRae and North Railway Streets for this fun street festival. 
It’s all free - if you like what you hear, show your appreciation for the performances with a loonie, toonie, or fiver - and don’t forget the applause!

Register here!

Busker FAQs

Are there walk-ups? 

  • This event is pre-registration only.

Is there power?

  • Power will not be provided at the "Busk-Stops." 

Do I get to perform on the Plaza Stage?

  • Yes, performers can opt-in for a 10-minute set on the Plaza Stage. (optional) 
    There will be power on the Plaza Stage. Backup tracks, iPods, and external music will be controlled/operated by the performers.